Credit Suisse (Lux) European Climate Value Property Fund First Climate-Neutral Real Estate Funds

First Climate-Neutral Real Estate Funds

Credit Suisse (Lux) European Climate Value Property Fund

First climate-neutral real estate funds

Important information

For professional/qualified investors only.

Investment policy

The Credit Suisse (Lux) European Climate Value Property Fund pursues a conservative real estate strategy (Core/Core Plus) by acquiring existing commercial properties that have leased well in promising European markets. A key aspect of the investment concept is based on a system for controlling, measuring, and monitoring energy consumption in cooperation with the Siemens technology group. The innovative fund concept offers qualified investors the first-time opportunity to invest in a climate-neutral real estate portfolio.

Issue at a glance

Product structure Luxemburg SICAV – SIF (semi-open-ended)
Investment advisor Credit Suisse Asset Management Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH
Fund currency EUR
Currency hedging Yes
Investment period Unlimited
Target size EUR 1 bn after five years, from launch
Minimum commitment EUR 500,000
Second closing December 9, 2016
Capital calls Over 18 months, starting with the relevant closing
Distribution Annual
Distribution yield Target of 4% p.a.**
Total return Target of 5% to 6% p.a.**
Leverage Target of 30% on portfolio level (max. 50%)
Redemption options January 1 or July 1
Redemption price Net asset value per share, as per the most recent valuation date, including any redemption fee adjustment
Redemption fee 5%; 2.5% for notice period > 12 months; 0% for notice period > 24 months
Subscription fee Up to 1.5%
Management fee 0.6% p.a. of the fund’s gross investment value (first financial year: 0.3% p.a.)
Purchase and sales fee Up to 2% of the gross asset value
Specific risk profile Open-ended, illiquid AIF; see also Section 8 of the Offering Memorandum 

** The target return is based on historical data and is not a projection, prediction, or guarantee of future performance. There is no assurance that the target return will be achieved. 

Further information 

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Client Presentation  PDF
Fact Sheet (6-pager) PDF
Term Sheet PDF


Ulrich Braun, tel. +41 44 332 58 08
Christian Braun, tel. +41 44 333 44 00