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Credit Suisse (Lux) European Core Property Fund Plus
Credit Suisse (Lux) European Climate Value Property Plus

The Credit Suisse (Lux) European Core Property Fund Plus pursues a conservative real estate strategy (Core/Core Plus) by acquiring existing commercial properties that have leased well in promising European markets. A key aspect of the investment concept is based on a system for controlling, measuring, and monitoring energy consumption in cooperation with the Siemens technology group.

All properties in the portfolio are continually upgraded in terms of their energy efficiency on the basis of this measurement data in order to systematically reduce overall energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions. This ensures that, alongside the sustainability of the investment, the earnings potential for the fund’s investors is also strengthened. The remaining portfolio share for which the energy consumption cannot be reduced in a cost-effective manner is made completely carbon-neutral once a year through the purchase of CO2 certificates. The innovative fund concept therefore offers qualified investors the first-time opportunity to invest in a climate-neutral real estate portfolio.


Strategy: Core/Core Plus real estate investment strategy, in selected European markets
Target market: European commercial-property markets
Terms: open-ended and unlimited terms

Important dates

The next subscription period closes on April 30, 2019.