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CS Real Estate Fund Green Property 

The real estate fund with the seal of quality for sustainable building



Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Green Property (CS REF Green Property) is the first Swiss real estate fund that invests exclusively in sustainable projects and properties in economically robust and urban locations in Switzerland. The projects and properties must meet the requirements of greenproperty, the seal of quality for sustainable real estate. The fund is open to qualified investors and allows them access to a diversified portfolio of high-quality construction projects and properties. Due to the nature of the fund, which entails the realization of construction projects, the fund caters to investors with investment time horizons extending across multiple years. The fund currency is the Swiss franc.

Investment Strategy

The property portfolio of CS REF Green Property is structured according to the following criteria:


The fund invests primarily in construction-ready projects in Switzerland for which a valid building permit has been obtained. These projects must also meet the requirements of greenproperty, the seal of quality for sustainable investments. It is aimed to achieve sustainable value creation though the professional creation of new structures that meet the requirements of greenproperty, the seal of quality. In the selection of construction projects and properties, heavy emphasis is placed on diversification of the portfolio by location, property use concept, and investment volume. The fund has the option of investing up to a maximum of 10% of its net assets in development projects as long as the properties are zoned off and developed.

Ownership Structure

In general, CS REF Green Property aims for sole ownership. Properties with building rights are also an option, but only to a limited extent.

Property Use

The fund invests in residential construction projects and properties with retail, office, and commercial space as well as in development projects. Commercial space must have a high degree of flexibility with regard to property use and must be easily leasable on a long-term basis. With regard to rental agreements for rented commercial space, a term of 10 years as well as inflation indexing are aimed for.


The focus is placed on strong Swiss business locations and their agglomerations. Preference is given to large and medium-sized urban areas with above-average economic or development potential that allow convenient access to major roads and are optimally connected to the local infrastructure. The location is included in greenproperty's list of criteria and must meet the respective requirements.

Information Regarding the Issue of Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Green Property

Type of Issue

Based on commission ("best-effort basis") as part of a public subscription offer in Switzerland.

Subscription Period

April 4 to April 15, April 2011 (12:00 noon)

Subscription Ratio

1:1 maximum

Swiss Security Number/ISIN (Subscription Right)

12 646 526 / CH0126465266

Subscription Rights Trading

No official trading of subscription rights takes place

Subscription Rights Price

Determination based on the average closing price between April 4 and April 14, 2011

Issue Price

CHF 103.00 netto

Issue Commission


Payment of Securities Subscribed

April 27, 2011

Issue Volume

CHF 309 million (maximum)


The proceeds from the issue will be used to further expand the investment portfolio.


At all Credit Suisse AG branches in Switzerland


Ulrich Braun, Telephone 044 332 58 08 or
Fabian Linke, Telephone 044 333 44 00

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