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Logistics real estate – buildings serving the fields of transport, transshipment, and storage of goods – is a key element in the infrastructure of the fast-growing logistics market.
This growth trend is likely to continue in the future, with demand for logistics real estate increasing. Real Estate Investment Management at Credit Suisse has anticipated this development, and can offer comprehensive solutions from financing to realization.


The Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund LogisticsPlus, founded in September 2014, invests in logistics buildings and logistics-related facilities. The portfolio primarily consists of logistics and goods distribution centers such as storage depots, transshipment halls, and high-bay warehouses situated on Switzerland's most critical transport and logistics axes. These include, among others, logistic and commercial properties in Rupperswil, Aargau; as well as logistics centers in Derendingen, Solothurn; and Bülach, Zurich.

We are looking for opportunities to invest more in logistics and logistics-related real estate. As a long-term oriented investor, we are very interested in sellers who wish to rent for the long term. Our focus is on properties and projects throughout Switzerland with an investment volume starting at CHF 10 million.

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Chart: Sale and Rent-Back Solution



Logistics and Commercial Property in Rupperswil (Aargau) 

Owner: CS REF LogisticsPlus

The property is located in the immediate vicinity of Switzerland's main transport route, the A1 freeway, and the urban centers of Aarau, Basel, Bern, and Zurich. The building possesses a rail link for transshipment of goods. Constructed in 1972, the property has a market value of over CHF 52.3 million and useable floor space of 41,000 square meters.


Logistics Center in Derendingen (Solothurn)

Owner: CS REF LogisticsPlus

The Derendingen property is located on Luterbachstrasse, directly next to the A1/A2 freeway intersection. Built in 1992, the logistics center has a market value of over CHF 41.2 million and a rented area of 35,000 square meters.


Logistics Center in Bülach (Zurich)

Owner: CS REF LogisticsPlus

This logistics property is located on Schützenmattstrasse with direct access to the freeway.Constructed 1963–1993, the property has a market value of over CHF 78.1 million and a rented area of 90,700 square meters.

All businesses and projects are unique. Based on this fact, we have developed financing models that can be tailored to suit the needs of our partners. We will be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions with clearly defined responsibilities.

Sale and rent-back solutions, for instance, are appropriate for owners who want to sell their properties and just rent the buildings needed for their business. This simple concept has great potential for logistics properties.

Example of a financing solution: Sale and rent-back

Reto Ehinger

Head Acquisition & Sales Switzerland

Tel. +41 44 333 14 26

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