General Information

Reference properties in the rehabilitation sector: 

Park Hotel Bad Zurzach, Zurzach Owner: CS REF LivingPlus  

The facility includes a four-star medical hotel with 144 rooms and suites, a retirement residence, an external facility for Schulthess Clinic, three restaurants, plus conference rooms. The medical hotel with an acute care clinic offers guests a place to recover after surgery or hospital stays, along with rehabilitation programs in cooperation with the RehaClinic. 

kneipp-hof, Dussnang Owner: CS REF LivingPlus  

The renowned rehabilitation clinic consists of seven adjacent building sections. The clinic has 154 rooms, an excellent park area and diverse shared-use areas for operating a modern rehabilitation clinic. kneipp-hof has been continually updated with major investments in recent years. 


Reference properties from senior residences and nursing homes:

Feldegg, Degersheim  Owner: CS REF LivingPlus  

Completed in 2008, the residence and nursing home in Degersheim can accommodate up to 30 patients. For persons with dementia, there is a secure living area with separate garden, which gives the individuals as much room to move as possible. A social gathering place is also available thanks to the public restaurant. 

Burdlef, Burgdorf Owner: CS REF LivingPlus  

Completed in 2008, the senior residence has four buildings with 62 assisted-living apartments and 80 patient rooms, plus a public restaurant. The complex is in the center of the picturesque town of Burgdorf and has beautiful exterior grounds. The diverse event program also facilitates interaction between the local population and the residence's guests. 

Lyssbachpark, Lyss Owner: CS REF LivingPlus  

The residential and nursing care center was completed in 2011 and is in the middle of Lyssbachpark. The center is home to about 60 people; the restaurant with a large patio area is a meeting place for residents, their families, and visitors. Thanks to the urban location of the center, residents don't have to miss a thing. 

Sphinxmatte, Solothurn Owner: CS REF LivingPlus  
The senior residences with healthcare services, completed in 2011, are surrounded by green space. Public transportation connections and shopping are in the immediate vicinity. In addition to the 64 apartments, the residents and visitors have access to a public bistro, open every day. 


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