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Regulatory changes and demographic transformation, such as the aging population, are posing new challenges in the healthcare field. Real Estate Investment Management at Credit Suisse has many years of experience in the healthcare property sector – from financing special clinics to planning and realizing major construction projects such as retirement and nursing homes. As a real estate owner and principal, we are convinced that the needs of private and institutional operators are very similar to the needs of institutional investors. Thus, new financing solutions have opened up for the healthcare sector.

Because no two organizations are alike, we look for individual concepts that meet your needs and are customized perfectly for you. Sale and rent-back solutions (chart), for instance, are practical if owners want to sell their properties and just rent the buildings needed for their business. This simple concept has great potential for healthcare properties.

Build and rent-back solutions can be useful for capital-heavy construction, expansion, or total renovation of special properties while giving the operator significant financial relief (investor solution).

Under private-public partnership models, we work from the start and for the long-term with the public sector. This model can be used for realization, renovation, and expansion of healthcare properties in spite of limited financial resources in the public sector.

We look for opportunities to invest more in public and private healthcare facilities. Retirement and nursing homes, senior residences, hospitals, private and specialist clinics, medical buildings, research buildings, and staff accommodations throughout Switzerland are attractive acquisitions for us. As a long-term-oriented investor, we are looking for sellers who wish to rent for the long term. We will be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions, with clearly defined responsibilities.

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