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CSA Real Estate Germany*

CSA RE Germany

The CSA  Real Estate Germany (CSA RE Germany, Swiss security number 23 547 751), an investment group of the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation, invests mainly in commercial real estate in Germany, seeking as a priority to achieve a reasonable distribution by region, location and usage type. When choosing a site, it gives careful consideration in particular to the criteria: real estate market cycles, economic strength, economic forecasts, and the political, legal, and tax environment in the relevant region. Great importance is attached to the location and quality of the property, as its rental potential and therefore its long-term earning power and appreciation potential depend on those two factors. The investment focus is on investments in core and core plus properties in Germany.

* Only pension funds domiciled in Switzerland that are not subject to tax are permitted as direct investors. 

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Top 5 Projects/Properties

Hohenstaufering Köln

Hohenstaufering Köln

  • Construction: 1967 
  • Renovation: 2000/2005
  • Year purchased: 2014, transition Entitlements/obligations beginning of 2015
  • Utilization: Office, retail, gastronomy, storage, apartments, parking
  • Market value in EUR: 20,80 mio
  • Total rentable area: 9 371 m2
Friedrichstrasse 194-199, Berlin

Friedrichstrasse 194-199, Berlin

  • Construction: 1934-1935
  • Renovation: 1993-1994
  • Year purchased: 2016
  • Utilization: Office, retail
  • Market value in EUR: 36.5 mio
  • Total rentable area: 6 985 m2
Feldbergstrasse 35, Frankfurt

Feldbergstrasse 35, Frankfurt

  • Construction year: 1972
  • Renovation: 2007/2008
  • Year purchased: 2014
  • Utilization: Office
  • Market value in EUR: 31,65 mio
  • Total rentable area:  6 978 m2
Kontorhaus, Holzdamm 57, Hamburg

Kontorhaus, Holzdamm 57, Hamburg

  • Construction year: 1957 
  • Renovation: 2003/2004
  • Year purchased: 2014
  • Utilization: Office
  • Market value in EUR: 11,44 mio
  • Total rentable area: 3 076 m2
Heilbronnstrasse 172, Stuttgart

Heilbronnstrasse 172, Stuttgart

  • Construction: 1976 
  • Renovation: 2009
  • Year purchased: 2014
  • Utilization: Office
  • Market value in EUR: 15,71 mio
  • Total rentable area: 7 405 m2

Product Manager

Marc-Oliver Tschabold

Marc-Oliver Tschabold

Marc-Oliver Tschabold (1983) has worked at Credit Suisse Real Estate Investment Management since January 2008. In his first role he was responsible for the asset management of a real estate portfolio in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands and also worked on real estate acquisitions in the United States. In 2011 he moved to New York where he sourced core and value-add commercial real estate opportunities in the United States, Chile, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. He was also responsible for the asset management of a commercial real estate portfolio in Santiago, Chile. While based at the Credit Suisse offices in New York, he also provided sales support to one of the fastest growing hedge funds in the market, investing in RMBS, CMBS and other securitized products.

In August 2015 Marc-Oliver Tschabold returned to Zurich where as of September 1, 2015 he assumed  the role of Product Manager for both, the CSA Real Estate Germany and the Property Club Europe.

Marc-Oliver Tschabold has a Bachelor of Business Administration / Dipl. Betriebsökonom FH, ZHAW School of Management and Law, Zurich, Switzerland.


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