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CS Real Estate Fund LivingPlus

CS REF LivingPlus

Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund LivingPlus (CS REF LivingPlus, sec. no. 3106932), which was launched in 2007, is a future-oriented real estate fund whose investment strategy focuses on the demographic development and the progressive ageing of the Swiss population. The fund invests primarily in senior housing, modern forms of living with integrated services, and healthcare facilities at attractive locations in Switzerland. It provides institutional and private investors with access to a diversified, high-quality real estate portfolio. The focus is on residential real estate that is fully accessible to those with impaired mobility and provides corresponding services for tenants. The fund is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The fund’s currency is the Swiss franc. The fund takes direct ownership of the properties; unit holders are therefore not liable for Swiss income or wealth tax on the portion of the fund’s assets that is invested in real estate.

Top 5 Projects/Properties

Erlenmatt-Areal, Basel (New construction project)

Erlenmatt-Areal, Basel (New construction project)



  • Construction year: 2012
  • Utilization: Residential and living services
  • Market valuet in CHF: 151,3 Mio.
  • Total rentable area: 24,394 m2
  • Certification: Minergie, greenproperty Silver
EPFL (Co-ownership)

EPFL, Ecublens

  • Construction year: 2014 
  • Co-ownership
  • Utilization: Residential and congress center
  • Market value in CHF: 248,7 Mio.
  • Total rentable area: 58,388 m2
  • Certification: Minergie, greenproperty Silver

Lyssbachpark, Lyss  

  • Construction year: 2011
  • Utilization: Residential and business premises
  • Market value in CHF: 101,3 Mio.
  • Total rentable area: 23 593 m2
  • Certification: Minergie, greenproperty Bronze
APH Burdlef

APH Burdlef, Burgdorf

  • Construction year: 2006
  • Utilization: Retirement and nursing home
  • Market value in CHF: 52,6 Mio.
  • Total rentable area: 13,855 m2 
  • Certification: Minergie

Fund Manager

Stefan Bangerter

Stefan Bangerter

Stefan Bangerter (1967) has been working in Global Real Estate at Credit Suisse since 2003. 

After joining Credit Suisse, Stefan Bangerter worked in a variety of functions in Corporate Banking, and in the real estate area of the Credit Risk Management. 

He joined the Global Real Estate of Credit Suisse in 2003. As a project manager, Stefan Bangerter developed a variety of real estate products in Switzerland and supported strategically important initiatives by establishing and expanding the global real estate organization. Since 2010, he has been responsible for the operational and organizational issues of Swiss real estate products and has taken on product management duties for the CSA RES Commercial investment group until the end of 2013. Since 1st of January 2014 Stefan Bangerter is in charge of Swiss Real Estate Funds & Mandates. In this new role he was also assigned product manager of CS Real Estate Fund LivingPlus. 

Stefan Bangerter holds a degree in business management from the University of Bern. In the course of his career-oriented advanced training, he has successfully completed an Executive MBA at the University of Rochester NY and a Master of Advanced Studies in real estate at the University of Zurich (CUREM).


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