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Ruth Schmeing

Ruth Schmeing

Ruth Schmeing has been working in Global Real Estate at Credit Suisse since April 2014. She was initially responsible for the asset management of a dynamic, commercial real estate portfolio in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, and Ireland. In her role as Asset Manager, she was involved in numerous real estate transactions for core and value-added properties, most recently concentrating on the Netherlands and the UK. In addition, she took responsibility for high-level tasks in her sector for a European value-added portfolio. Since April 2017, she is the fund manager of the Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Global.

Before she moved to Credit Suisse, Ruth Schmeing was employed for more than seven years in a range of positions at the international real estate consultant Cushman & Wakefield (DTZ) in Frankfurt, Germany. During this period she was responsible for numerous due diligence and valuation mandates for commercial real estate as well as large-scale portfolios for national and international investors.


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