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On May 21, 2012, Credit Suisse Asset Management Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH irrevocably terminated the discretionary mandate of the open-ended real estate fund CS Euroreal, which was launched on April 6, 1992, with effect from April 30, 2017, and in addition declared the permanent suspension of issue and redemption of CS Euroreal fund units. This means that incoming purchase and selling orders will no longer be executed.

Where a fund is liquidated, capital is no longer repaid by way of the redemption of unit certificates by the fund company, but by distribution payments. Investors who hold their units in a bank safekeeping account will have the distribution payout credited automatically to their reference account. This ensures that, at each distribution, all investors receive the same amount for each unit they hold. In future, the distribution payouts will be made depending on the liquidity that is available for the distribution, approximately half yearly. 

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