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Credit Suisse Global Real Estate

Credit Suisse Global Real Estate has been a success story since the launch of the first real estate fund in 1938. As a global provider of real estate products, Credit Suisse manages CHF 45.5 bn (as at 30.06.2017) in assets and provides access to diversified real estate portfolios worldwide.

Around 170 real estate experts are engaged at four offices around the world (Zurich, Frankfurt, New York, and Singapore) and all along the entire value-creation chain.

Today Credit Suisse Global Real Estate is ranked among the top 15 largest providers of real estate investments worldwide, is the third largest in Europe and the largest in Switzerland. We are currently looking after 1300 properties in 20 different countries.

For international qualified investors, we manage two global real estate products, both with a focus on properties in Europe. Additionally, we manage Premium Real Estate mandates and an exclusive Property Club with selected properties in Europe.

For private and/or qualified investors from Switzerland, we manage 15 real estate products: seven real estate funds with a focus on properties in Switzerland, three that are invested globally, one mandate and four investment foundations.

For us, managing real estate in a sustainable manner is absolutely essential. Sustainability is an important criterion in any decision to buy or sell real estate. In new construction projects, we build in a sustainable manner and aim to achieve Swiss and international certifications. Existing properties are continually checked and are optimized in terms of their energy efficiency, for example. Our goal is to be one of the best providers in terms of real estate development, renovation, and management.

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