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What Exactly Sets Credit Suisse Index Funds Apart?

Index funds pursue a passive investment approach that sees the reference index underlying the respective fund replicated as precisely as possible. Credit Suisse index funds include the following benefits:

  • They have a long-term track record, boast a high volume of fund assets and demonstrate great precision in their index replication.
  • They offer daily liquidity.
  • They have exceptionally favorable ongoing charges.
  • Credit Suisse possesses more than 20 years of experience in the management of indexed portfolios.
  • Fund domiciles: Switzerland and Luxemburg (UCITS)

How Do Our Index Funds Differ from Exchange-Traded Funds?

Alongside index funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) also pursue a passive investment approach. This means that the investor is exposed to the index’s fluctuations in value. Compared to ETFs, however, index funds display three core strengths:

  • They physically replicate their reference indices. The investor receives almost the same performance that is replicated by the index.
  • They are charged in a transparent manner.
  • The subscription and redemption of shares are exempt from Swiss stamp duty.

Credit Suisse Index Funds vs Exchange Traded Funds

  Credit Suisse Index Fund ETF

Swiss stamp tax

There is no Swiss stamp tax on subscriptions, redemptions, or transactions within the fund*

0.15% / 0.075% on the transaction volume for buying and selling, depending on issuer (Swiss/non-Swiss ISIN) of the ETF


Daily subscription and redemption

Intraday trading

Trade price

NAV +/- fixed subscription or redemption spread as compensation for transaction expenses within the fund

Bid and ask price at the time of the trade, plus broker commission

Valuation At NAV, according to index Last traded price

Minimum investment



Subscribable in various currencies Yes  No 

US inheritance tax relevancy

No (Swiss ISIN)

Yes, for U.S. ISIN (varies depending on the provider)

Replication of benchmark

Physical (physical delivery possible for CSIF II (CH) Gold)

Physical or synthetic depending on the provider

Securities Lending

No securities lending in «Blue» CSIFs

Most ETFs engage in securities lending transactions

CHF-hedged benchmarks available


Varies depending on the provider

* CSIF (Lux): Swiss stamp tax of 0,15 % for subscriptions only
Source: Credit Suisse, October 2017

Credit Suisse Index Fund (Lux), Q-class

The Credit Suisse Index Fund (Lux) Umbrella is a Luxembourg SICAV; it was launched in April 2012 with the ultimate aim to leverage the expertise of the Index Solutions investment team and further expand the depth of its index offering. It consists, for the time-being, of 16 sub-funds replicating the main strategic asset classes used by institutional investors.

The Umbrella is UCITS V compliant, therefore the most efficient vehicle for a European Institutional investor. 

The Credit Suisse Index Fund (Lux) is registered in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and United Kingdom and has tax transparency in Germany and Austria, and has UK reporting status.

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