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As Perfect As the Original

The enormous adhesive properties of their feet allow geckos to walk without effort on mirror-like walls and ceilings. To make use of such feats of nature, you have to master the technique of replication. Bionics, as an interdisciplinary research field, has set itself this very objective. It transfers outstanding natural phenomena to technical applications that we humans can use in everyday life.

At Credit Suisse Index Solutions, we share this enthusiasm for exact replication. By combining knowledge, experience and technology, we make selected indices investable for our clients on a global scale. Our requirements for the greatest possible precision have made us one of Europe’s leading providers of index funds that are as perfect as the original.

Open for New Investors

Institutional investors have been swearing by index funds for years. This is due to their broad diversification, high level of cost efficiency and the low risk of their performance deviating from the index. Credit Suisse has opened up more than 50 index funds, which were previously available exclusively to qualified investors, to private investors. They can be used as a strategic portfolio component or to implement tactical investment decisions.

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