Fixed Income Alternative Fixed Income

Alternative Fixed Income

In a low-interest-rate environment, alternative fixed-income strategies offer higher expected returns than many traditional fixed-income strategies. They can also provide diversification from the risk of higher interest rates and risk premiums.

We have developed a range of solutions to help investors find alternative sources of return and yield in the current market environment. They include:

  • Absolute return (momentum-based strategy aiming to generate positive returns in trending markets)
  • Long/short CHF bond (long/short positions create a symmetric return profile, while convergence opportunities allow the fund to exploit structural inefficiencies and inconsistent pricing in the CHF bond market versus international markets)
  • Special situations (high-conviction strategies across the globe)
  • Global value (unconstrained investing in all fixed-income asset classes)

We are constantly seeking innovative ways to generate competitive returns. In doing so, we are able to leverage our position as part of a large financial group.