Equities Value Strategies

Value Strategies

The Credit Suisse Global Value Equity strategy aims to generate substantial absolute returns that beat the market.

Our deep-value, bottom-up approach follows the philosophy of Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, who pioneered value investing in the 1930s. 

True to their philosophy, we invest in companies with a strong normalized return on equity when their shares trade at a big discount to their intrinsic value. 

Entrepreneurial and contrarian

Unlike many other value investors, we are dedicated to the classic value investing principles, where fundamental analysis builds in a margin of safety. We take an entrepreneurial and contrarian viewpoint. Rather than merely buying cheap stocks, we view companies as committed long-term owners. 

This approach sets us apart from value players such as factor investors or activists. 

Long investment horizon

With our dedicated deep-value philosophy, we are not selling performance or a product. Rather, we offer a long-term service and partnership to our clients. 

Our value strategy requires a distinctly independent thought process. It is suitable for investors with a long investment horizon, exceeding five years, and a willingness to disregard short-term market fluctuations.