Equities High Dividend Yield

High Dividend Yield

Our Global Dividend team aims to deliver outperformance by building portfolios that generate a higher dividend yield than the broader equity market. Over the past decade, it has established a stable track record. 

A compelling strategy

We believe that investing in high-dividend-paying stocks is a compelling long-term investment strategy. And not just for investors seeking a reliable source of income.

Robust dividend payers can also deliver above-average long-term returns, with lower volatility than the broader market. In the past, reinvested dividends have been the largest contributor to equities’ total returns.

Careful stock selection ensures that our high-dividend-yield approach is a relatively defensive equity strategy.

A choice of portfolios

We offer a range of strategies focusing on:

  • Global equities
  • European equities

Historical performance indications and financial market scenarios are not reliable indicators of current or future performance.

Focusing on dividend yields can produce substantial sector concentrations, and equity market returns can be volatile over the short term.