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Separate Accounts

We offer separately managed accounts, which can be customized to your investment goals.

Separately managed accounts are becoming increasingly important within the infrastructure space and are part of CSEIP’s product offering. Separate accounts refer to separate mandates/investment structures established by a single investor and customized to fit their unique needs.

We act as investment manager, but investors have the flexibility to get actively involved in the structuring of the fund and in the fund’s investment activity. Key features include:

  • Collaboration between CSEIP and investors to determine their exposure and strategy
  • Active investor involvement, including veto rights over investments (if desired)
  • Separate accounts provide diversification across various subsectors, geographies and investment stages
  • Provision of individualized and comprehensive investment memoranda and portfolio reviews
separate accounts

1. Customization

  • Investment policy determinable by investors, reflecting their investment needs, risk tolerance, return requirements, etc.

2. Transparency

  • Allows investors to be fully aware of their investments
  • Direct online access to investment portfolio

3. Tax efficiency

  • Ability to control timing of transactions with tax implications
  • Structuring determinable by investors

4. Management focus

  • Investment policy determinable by investors reflecting their investment needs, risk/return tolerance in portfolio context

5. Service

  • Customizes investment product with direct relationship

We are constantly in dialogue with key decision-makers at leading utilities, project developers and specialized service providers, as well as political bodies and regulators. This enables us to source investment opportunities that may not be suitable – due to investment restrictions or concentration limits – for an existing separate account or commingled fund.

When this happens, we can offer single-investment opportunities on a selective basis to key clients. Asset-specific mandates give clients direct investment exposure to assets in special situations, enabling them to gain significant exposure to single assets or projects. A separate fund is set up to match investors with specific assets. We perform due diligence and portfolio management on behalf of the client. However, the absolute investment discretion remains on a "deal-by-deal" basis with the client.