Energy Infrastructure Funding and Capital

Funding and Capital

Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners works with top-tier industrial partners who seek support for expansion or capital improvements, or wish to diversify risks of energy assets and projects. We have the capabilities to act as a partner not just for a number of years, but for decades.

Funding and capital

Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners deploys long-term equity capital from institutional investors in the energy sector. We work with top-tier industrial partners who are usually seek support for expansion or capital structure improvements (e.g. through capital-light approach), or want to share and diversify the risks of energy infrastructure assets and projects.

Joint ownership or control with industrial partners broadens the investment universe for both parties and usually creates additional synergies on both sides. Our partners include top-tier utilities, local distribution companies and municipalities that are actively involved in, or responsible for, energy supply in their respective regions.

We are the ideal financing partner for energy businesses, as we hold investments to maturity rather than exiting early. This aligns incentives on both sides and is strongly reflected in the governance structure. We set up investment structures that allow us to partner with, and invest in, energy infrastructure businesses, assets and projects not only for a number of years, but for decades.

We are interested in energy assets and projects that are supported by a strong market position and have the capability to provide long-term stable, recurring cash flows through long-term contracted or regulated assets. This draws us to investments with a defensive risk/return profile. Ideally, the investments are focused on core energy infrastructure assets.

Our primary focus is on existing assets with an operational track record. However, we also invest in greenfield projects where we assume reasonable construction risks under appropriate contractual or regulatory protection. Our in-depth expertise in the sector enables us to make greenfield projects investable for institutional investors. We help partners to diversify project and development risks across the project life cycle.