About CSEIP Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

All of our investment activities operate according to the unifying philosophy that is founded on three key principles.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with key decision-makers at leading utilities, project developers and specialized service providers, as well as with politicians and regulators. Our broad industry network gives us outstanding access to new investment opportunities at a very early stage outside of market auctions.

Joint ownership or control of assets and businesses with industrial partners helps us to broaden our investment universe. The depth of our industry network allows us to find the most appropriate partners where there is a natural alignment of incentives. 

By taking advantage of complex situations requiring in-depth industry, regulatory, political and structuring know-how, we create quasi-exclusive transactions that generate alpha for all our stakeholders. Actively shaping transactions by transferring certain risks optimizes the risk/return profile and can match assets to investors’ needs. Additionally, this can offer the flexibility to shape a transaction and gain access to attractive assets or projects.