Founded in 2014, Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners (CSEIP) provides institutional investors with access to infrastructure investments in the capital-intensive energy sector.

Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners

Focusing exclusively on energy infrastructure ensures that we have first-class access to, and insights into, the market in which we operate. Unlike other infrastructure investors, we are specialist energy investors. We have sector-specific knowledge, an extensive industry network, considerable transaction experience and competence in investment management. These qualities position CSEIP to identify, implement and manage appropriate investments for its institutional clients.

Today, CSEIP has more than EUR 1.6 bn1 of committed capital under management from institutional investors. We employ a large number of investment professionals with long experience of investing in energy infrastructure. Each senior team member maintains a strong network of key decision-makers within the sector, including current and former senior energy executives, as well as politicians and regulators.

Senior Advisory Board

The investment team is supported by a Senior Advisory Board of highly experienced energy industry specialists who provide a distinctive outside view on investments. The board provides a valuable external view of all stages of the investment process, including origination, execution and active management of portfolio companies.

Senior advisors participate selectively in the investment committee and act as independent board members for portfolio companies wherever they can contribute. Their competences are reviewed from time, to time and new senior advisors that complement the existing team are frequently considered.