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Energy Infrastructure

Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners (CSEIP) is one of the European leaders in direct energy infrastructure investment, dedicated to delivering investment solutions, including tailor‑made portfolios, for institutional clients.

Given our long-term investment horizon, we generate returns through cash yields and long-term capital appreciation in a hold-to-maturity approach rather than through exit-driven strategies. Our robust and proven investment process focuses on long-term capital appreciation and recurring and stable, preferably inflation- or interest-linked, cash flows. This results in absolute returns that have low correlations with traditional asset classes in an institutional portfolio. We invest in assets that deliver critical public supplies, are supported by regulated or contracted revenues, and enjoy a strong market position.  

"Due to our long-term investment approach, we are a reliable partner to industrials and municipalities, and provide stability for the shareholder base for decades." - Roland Dörig, Managing Partner

Industrial partnerships

Industrial partnerships are central to our approach. We have a strong track record of collaboration with top-tier utilities as well as municipalities involved in energy supply. In these partnerships, CSEIP usually assumes a significant minority or joint control equity stake. 

We believe that industrial partnerships deliver a complementary combination of skills, competences and cost of capital. Given our long-term investment horizon, we are a long-term and reliable financing partner. Governance arrangements align the complementary competences and interests of each partner, as well as the requirements of the underlying business.

"We seek returns from energy assets that enjoy a strong market position and are able to generate stable, recurring cash flows under long-term contracts or regulatory frameworks." - Dr. Dominik Bollier, Managing Partner