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Grand Opening of Real Estate's Signature Project in Vancouver

The Exchange in Vancouver, Credit Suisse Asset Management's first big start-to-finish project in North America, celebrated its grand opening on November 9, 2017. Learn about this unique property, how it blends old and new, and how it fits into our portfolio.

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How to Use Opportunities in Switzerland's Energy Infrastructure

As Switzerland renews and expands its energy infrastructure, opportunities for investors arise. Learn how to take advantage of them and integrate them into a portfolio.

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Insurance Linked Strategies Could Be the Alternative You Need

Risk and return in ILS are driven by insurance-relevant events – think hurricanes, earthquakes – which makes them truly uncorrelated with the broader market. Learn how take advantage of their powers of diversification – and use them as a source of returns.

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How Robots Will Shape our Future

Find out why automation is the most transformative force of the modern world – and how you can exploit this revolution.

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The Fund Manager Talks About Robotics

Watch Dr. Patrick Kolb, PM of the Robotics fund, as he explains his approach to the sector, and how he aims to harness its exponential growth for the benefit of his fund's investors.

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How to Invest in Companies that Keep Us Safe in Today's World

Security and safety are are human needs as old as time, refocused in a world of global networks and new threats. Watch as Dr. Patrick Kolb, Senior Portfolio Manager, explains why they are also a worthwhile investment topic.

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