Sustainable investment that takes into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria is becoming the norm for a rapidly growing number of investors.

In the latest edition of Scope, we look at the many aspects of sustainable investment from a range of different viewpoints:

  • Impact investing − Iqbal Khan, CEO of International Wealth Management, discusses the keys to investing successfully and making a positive contribution in our Scope interview. 
  • From ESG to philanthropy − Marisa Drew, CEO of the Impact Advisory & Finance Department, elucidates why impact investing is a strategic decision.
  • Green bonds − How investors can combine their financial interests with direct contributions to environmental and climate protection.
  • Real estate − Why sustainable real estate pays off in the long run. 
  • Index funds − How to invest efficiently using index funds.

We aim to offer our clients the best possible investment solutions at all times. The integration of ESG criteria through a variety of approaches and risk categories is of central importance to us and is becoming a cornerstone of our offering.

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This edition of Scope features articles on the following subjects:

  • Steep Learning Curve
    How China Is on Its Way to the Top of the World
  • Best of China
    Investment Solutions
  • Discover London
    Chinese Real Estate Investors Are Reshaping Their Preferences
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The new edition of Scope features articles on the following subjects:

  • Digital Health
    Technologies with Broad-spectrum Efficacy
  • Insurance Linked Strategies
    Insurance Risks as Investment Opportunities
  • Demographic Tailwind
    European Healthcare Properties
  • Meeting Your Objectives by Planning Well
    Individual Retirement Savings in Switzerland
  • Efficient Currency Management
    More Important Than Ever
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Here are some of the articles in the second issue:

  • Time to Rethink Returns
    Interview with André Helfenstein, Head of Institutional Clients
  • Award-Winning Investments
    Multi-factor index funds draw from multiple strengths
  • Megatrend Security
    Risks are opportunities
  • Supply Chain Finance
    Discover a new asset class
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In the first edition, which is linked below, you can read about the following topics:

  • Creating Value through Innovation and Focus
    An interview with Michel Degen
  • European Real Estate
    A road map to returns
  • Swiss Infrastructure Installations
    Power mix for institutional investors
  • Robotics Investments
    Potential for above-average growth
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