The magazine provides an update on current real estate topics, demonstrates Global Real Estate's expertise and reports on construction projects and properties in the real estate portfolio.

In the latest issue of "Novum":

The latest issue of Novum focuses on the topic of specialty real estate and the potential it offers for investors. Global Real Estate owns 93 specialty properties. Specialty real estate ranges from healthcare, senior care, and training facilities to parking garages, logistics warehouses, data centers, and hotels. All these kinds of properties have one thing in common: They are tailored to the specific needs of the tenants or lessees.

Find out in the latest issue of Novum what makes specialty real estate particularly interesting for investors.


Specialty real estate. Diverse and lucrative

Specialty real estate: Trends fueling demand in this niche segment

Real estate study 2020: In-depth assessment of the real estate market

Individual mandates: Growing number of mandates for real estate portfolios

Kunstmuseum Basel parking: A parking garage as an investment property

New, temporary, or more intensive utilization: The potential of rethinking usage

Indirect real estate investments: A focus on specialty real estate of the future


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