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Credit Suisse (Lux) Global Robotics Equity Fund

Investing in an automated world

Against a backdrop of increased automation, a trend that is visible across many key industries, we are delighted to present the Credit Suisse (Lux) Global Robotics Equity Fund. The fund offers investors the opportunity to invest at an early stage of this long-term trend, through a highly focused investment solution.

Over the long term, the fund’s investment universe has outperformed both the MSCI World and MSCI World Small Cap indices, boding well for its future performance. Furthermore, given the fund’s concentrated and high conviction portfolio, it offers attractive alpha potential alongside a disciplined and transparent investment process, focusing on a concentrated portfolio of 30 to 60 stocks.

The fund will focus on three high-growth subthemes:

  • Improving productivity ~40% of portfolio
  • Improving quality of life ~30% of portfolio
  • Performing dangerous tasks ~30% of portfolio

Within these themes, companies in which investments are made will have at least 50% of their sales attributable to robotics, automation, artificial intelligence or security.

For investors looking to add alpha potential

- Growing investment universe: An expanding and evolving investment universe opening up new opportunities for the fund.

- Thematic approach: The fund adopts a thematic approach with a focus on three high-growth subthemes.

- Pure player: Stocks with at least 50% robotics exposure.

- Highly focused: A concentrated portfolio of 30 to 60 small and midcap companies, with some exposure to emerging markets.

- Investment process: Bottom-up stock selection based on fundamental analysis.

- Highly experienced portfolio management team: With access to a unique global network of industry experts, allowing for superior analysis and assessment of potential investment opportunities.


  • The emphasis on robotics companies can create significant exposure to certain sectors or regions.
  • A slowdown in the global economy could have a significant adverse impact on the sector.
  • As up to 40% of the fund’s assets can be invested in emerging markets, the political and economic risks in these countries may have an impact on the fund.
  • Exposure to small and mid caps could cause some liquidity risk. 
  • In cases of significant in- or outflows, there might be a disparity in the value date among stocks from different countries, which can result in short-term currency exposure.

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