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Investment Theme - Robotics

A long-term secular growth trend

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Why invest in robotics?

The robotics, artificial intelligence and automation industries provide investors with the opportunity to benefit from a long-term secular growth trend. From improving productivity, through to improving the quality of life and the performance of dangerous tasks, automation will be a theme that cannot be ignored in the years ahead.

Key industry drivers include:  

- Safety and quality standards: Improved safety and quality standards require sophisticated robotic systems.

- Fewer entrants to the labor market: With global manufacturing labor costs now in excess of USD 6 trillion p.a., there will be a growing tendency to boost productivity with machines.

- Dangerous tasks: As the efficiency and costs of robots improve, there will be an increased demand for the automation of dangerous and dirty labor-intensive tasks.

- Demographics: Structural demographic trends are likely to help increase the market potential of robots for elderly and handicap assistance.

Why now?

The theme offers investors access to an interesting niche strategy that benefits from an attractive long-term secular trend, based on productivity growth. As economic history shows, productivity growth has been the only long-term source of wealth. With the supply of robots expected to show compound growth of 15% per annum over the coming years,1 investing now will enable investors to take advantage of the early stages, when gains can potentially be stronger.

At Credit Suisse Asset Management we believe that increasing automation generates additional productivity gains. This, in our opinion, is one of the most important sources of creating economic wealth. To take advantage of the potential investment opportunities, we have launched the Credit Suisse (Lux) Global Robotics Equity Fund.

1Source: IFR World Robotics 2015, Credit Suisse

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