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Emerging Market Corporate Bonds
Emerging Market Corporate Bonds

Over the past 20 years, emerging markets (EM) have come into their own, evolving in to mature markets with attractive investment prospects. An ever-increasing share of global GDP and higher GDP growth rates relative to developed markets are creating many opportunities. An attractive way for investors to capture these is through EM corporate bonds. In fact, we believe the opportunity cost of ignoring EM debt is now the greater risk.

We have issued a comprehensive brochure to explore these matters in depth. We explain the thinking of our experts and reveal the data underpinning each argument.


  • Emerging market corporate bond funds do not provide any capital protection.
  • The funds’ investments are subject to market fluctuations.
  • Bonds carry a risk of issuer default.
  • Investments in emerging market countries entail greater risks than comparable investments in industrialized countries.