News Credit Suisse (CH) Privilege 45 CHF: CHF 1 bn in assets under management

Credit Suisse (CH) Privilege 45 CHF: CHF 1 bn in assets under management

The Credit Suisse (CH) Privilege 45 CHF fund has surpassed one billion Swiss francs in assets under management. This fund provides comprehensive, broad exposure to financial markets, with a particular focus on Swiss assets. It is also largely guided by the Swiss law governing pension plans and private retirement provisions (BVG/BVV2).

A pension fund approach open to all investors

The Credit Suisse (CH) Privilege 45 CHF is a multi-asset-class fund with a 45% neutral equity allocation. In line with the governing philosophy of Swiss pension funds, it invests in a broad and stable portfolio of traditional assets, with a strong bias towards the Swiss market. Unlike actually registered pension funds, it is open to all investors who would like to profit from comprehensive, well-diversified exposure to bonds, equity, real estate, and liquidity. It is also of particular interest to retirees who seek an equivalent follow-up investment for their pillar 3a investments.

This one-billion success was driven by the solid positioning of the fund, its prospects and its delivery of strong performance through both bull and bear markets. For these reasons, the fund is expected to remain popular with investors for years to come and – along with the other two funds of the Privilege family, Credit Suisse (CH) Privilege 20 CHF and Credit Suisse (CH) Privilege 35 CHF – continue to fulfill its role as a holistic solution suitable for long-term personal retirement provision.


  • Returns depend on the strategy, asset allocation, securities, and correct market views.
  • Investors may lose part of the invested amount.
  • The liquidity of the instruments depends on the product and the respective market environment.
  • Results may be affected by the performance of foreign currencies and exchange rate fluctuations.