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  1. Transportation – an Exciting Investment Opportunity Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

    Robotics, Security and Safety:
    Are you too small for Robotics?

    As the they become advanced, robots are becoming cheaper, safer and easier to work with, which will boost market size and increase the penetration of the technology. Robotics is set to become one of the great investment trends of the coming decade.

  2. Transportation – an Exciting Investment Opportunity Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

    Transportation – an Exciting Investment Opportunity Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is fueling a new transportation revolution. The greatest investment opportunities will be found where the possibilities offered by AI are matched by growing need for transportation.

  3. Are You Ready for Changes in the FX Markets?

    Are You Ready for Changes in the FX Markets?

    Currency markets are undergoing a major structural change. What does it mean for investors?

  4. Robot-Assisted Surgical Systems Provide a Growing and Profitable Niche for Investors in Health Care 

    History shows that surgical techniques will only continue to advance. Credit Suisse Asset Management sees a range of investment opportunities to ride the wave of success together with medical device startups, existing robotics-assisted surgical companies and the architects of artificial intelligence. 

  5. Robotics and Automation

    Robotics and Automation: A Long-Term Investment Theme?

    The global market for robotics technology is expected to grow by around 10% a year between now and 2025. Supported by this growth, the investment universe of robotics companies could generate higher returns in the long run than the broader equity market.1

  6. Toll Roads

    Toll Roads: One Possible Solution to Limited Public Finances

    The need for infrastructure spending is omnipresent, especially in the area of transportation. Credit Suisse Asset Management is examining ways to benefit from such opportunities e.g. listed companies that might profit from government contracts in the area of transportation.

  7. Investing in the Source: Automation Technologies Are the Next Big Thing

    As automation technologies gain ground, investors will see gains in companies that adopt robotics and artificial intelligence. But the real opportunity comes from investing in those that develop and maintain such technologies.

  8. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence: Do Investments into the Latest Crusaders against Cybercrime Pay off?

    Cybercrime is on the rise, and the rapid digitization will drastically drive up cost of data breaches. Firms are looking for new software and systems to protect them. The “cyber crusader” companies that are creating these solutions are some of the brightest new stars in the AI firmament. 

  9. Investing in Technology

    Investing in Technology: A Brief Guide to its Evolution

    The technology of tomorrow points us towards a smart, automated, robotic world. Artificial intelligence has brought innovation to virtually every sector in the economy. Investment opportunities in technology have been growing rapidly and are finally ready to go mainstream. 

  10. Airports: Central Hubs for Steadily Growing Air Traffic

    Election promises on fiscal policy in the US and Europe have given fresh impetus to infrastructure investments, especially since infrastructure maintenance and expansion have for years been restricted by limited financial resources.