Understand your pension fund statement, pension certificate

How to understand your pension fund statement

The pension fund statement – also called the pension certificate – contains specific information about your second pillar that concerns not only your retirement age. However, you need to be familiar with some jargon and background information in order to understand your pension certificate properly. We explain them in an example, point by point.

The pension fund statement regularly turns up in Swiss mailboxes. Some will file it away without a second thought because terms such as "extra-mandatory insurance," "conversion rates," and "disability pension" are more frightening than fascinating.

Understanding the pension fund statement is the path to optimizing your pension provision

The most important information on the pension fund statement concerns the projected retirement benefits that you will receive from the second pillar.

It also contains information about

You can only assess whether there are gaps or opportunities for optimization if you fully understand your pension certificate. This allows you to make targeted adjustments at an early stage and to optimize your pension situation in the second pillar as well as using the third pillar if necessary. In other words: You will discover errors only if you understand the document properly.

Source: Credit Suisse

Source: Credit Suisse

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