Video Interview with Oliver Adler: On Geopolitical Tensions and Interest Rate Hikes

What are the big issues facing the financial market right now? This month, Credit Suisse's Chief Economist, Oliver Adler, will answer the two most pressing questions for investors. In the video, he talks about the effects of geopolitical tensions and about investment strategies as interest rates rise.

Right now, the world is being shaped by political tensions and unrest. However, their impact on financial markets should not be overestimated. "Historically, it has been shown that political tensions or conflicts are rarely so intense that they completely turn the economy upside down," says Oliver Adler in a video interview.

Watch the video to learn why the effects on financial markets are generally minor and how investors can protect themselves against interest rate hikes.

Video Interview with Oliver Adler, Chief Economist at Credit Suisse

Oliver Adler talks about geopolitical tensions and their impact on financial markets, and gives advice on how investors should react.

It's important for investors to have an investment strategy in order to reduce their exposure to market turbulence. This enables them to optimize their risk/return profile, depending on the time horizon of the investment.

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