Video interview with Oliver Adler: Market analysis in turbulent times

The recent market corrections and crisis warnings have unsettled the markets. What does this mean for investors? In the video, Oliver Adler analyzes the markets and talks about how market risks are affecting economic growth.

Market risks are hitting economic growth

Financial markets have experienced varying degrees of correction in recent days and weeks as a result of a number of economic and political developments. Oliver Adler, Credit Suisse's chief economist, nevertheless believes economic growth will remain robust into next year. "The big picture hasn't changed much."

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank paint a similar picture – despite their recent warnings of a crisis. Both institutions have made only slight revisions to their forecasts. International trade tensions nevertheless remain the number-one risk. What if there is a marked escalation of tensions? Oliver Adler gives his assessment in the video.

Video interview with Oliver Adler, Chief Economist at Credit Suisse

In the video, Oliver Adler gives his assessment of current market risks as well as future economic growth.

Market analysis uncovers investment opportunities

Market corrections are a good opportunity for investors to review their portfolio. Falling prices on the financial markets enable investors to buy quality stocks. It's important to plan for the long term and to diversify your portfolio.

Successful investors also need discipline, skills, creativity, and adaptability, but perseverance is what counts more than anything else. Investors can learn a lot from Roger Federer. Thanks to his strategic approach and his perseverance, Roger has already chalked up many victories. It's not just in sport but also in investment that having the right strategy is worth its weight in gold.