Investment strategy 2020: Equity markets will cool down slightly

Video with Michael Strobaek: Equity markets defy geopolitical crises

After a successful 2019, the equity markets are likely to develop at a slightly more muted pace this year. Despite this, there are still plenty of opportunities in the markets. In a video, Michael Strobaek, Global CIO at Credit Suisse, explains which asset categories are likely to experience strong development and which strategies are currently very promising.

Equity markets will cool down slightly in 2020

The trading year got off to a turbulent start. The conflict between the US and Iran weighed heavily on the equity markets. However, as long as the situation in the Middle East does not further escalate, the equity markets will not be permanently thrown off course. Geopolitical risks typically have little influence on the financial markets over the medium term.

Nevertheless, Michael Strobaek, Global CIO at Credit Suisse, recommends a more cautious investment strategy for 2020. That's because "The markets are somewhat overheated," he says. 2019 marked the end of an exceptional year with fantastic returns on the exchange. Concerns about significant corrections in share prices are unfounded. The global economy continues to grow. In the video, you will learn how investors should organize their equity allocation in the current environment.

Video interview with Michael Strobaek, Global CIO at Credit Suisse.

In the video, Michael Strobaek talks about the future of the equity markets and which investments lead to reduced market risks.

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Investment strategy for 2020: Commodities offer opportunities for investors

The continued recovery of the global economy supports investments in commodities such as oil and gold. They are likely to benefit from improved economic conditions. "And if the Middle East becomes a problem again, commodities help hedge against this risk," says Michael Strobaek. He explains in a video why the US dollar, on the other hand, must reckon with a weakening.

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