Pension savings with tax benefits at AHV retirement age

Can Pension Recipients Who Work Part-Time Make Pension Provisions with Tax Benefits?

Men up to age 70 and women up to age 69 can pay into the pillar 3a fund with tax benefits if they work part-time or full-time after retirement age. The same is possible with the pension fund, depending on the rules and the amount of gross income from employment.

Men reach normal AHV retirement age at 65 and women at 64. If they keep working, they can pay into the pillar 3a fund until the age of 70 or 69 and deduct these amounts from their taxable income. The pension fund can be continued for this time as well, if the rules allow. With some pension funds, contributions can still be made and additional retirement capital accrued; with others, payout can be delayed, but no further contributions can be paid in.

Note the maximum possible contributions

The amount of pillar 3a contributions depends on whether you still contribute to a pension fund. In this case, the pillar 3a contribution for 2019 is a maximum of CHF 6,826. If there is no more pension fund relationship, 20 percent of the net income from employment, or a maximum of CHF 34,128, can be paid in. Pension fund contributions may still be possible, depending on the employer and the pension fund rules. Depending on the situation, voluntary purchases are also still possible, but they must be fully clarified and planned.