Tech stocks are making investors nervous

Interview with John Woods: Tech stocks causing volatility 

Tech stocks have attracted high valuations since the start of the year, but are now suffering from volatility. Although many investors are feeling nervous, the economic recovery is not at risk of being derailed, says John Woods, Regional CIO for APAC with Credit Suisse. He believes the recovery will continue. 

Tech stocks are causing volatility

Technology stocks are the subject of much discussion at the moment – for good reason, because their performance has been the driving force behind the extraordinary rally seen on equity markets since March of this year. The overheating has taken valuations to excessive levels. "Investors are a bit nervous about that, and are taking profits," says John Woods, Regional CIO for APAC with Credit Suisse, in this interview. This is causing volatility on the markets. Although the trend is making investors nervous in the short term, equities remain attractive from a medium-term perspective. Watch the video to find out why there are grounds to be optimistic about stock prices.  

Interview with John Woods, Regional CIO for APAC, Credit Suisse 

Interview with John Woods on tech stocks and volatility 

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The economic recovery continues. Keep an eye on the risks.

The economic outlook remains positive. Fact is, the global economy is likely to go on recovering from the recession "We remain essentially optimistic about global growth in 2021," says John Woods. However, investors shouldn't ignore the potential risks. In this video, he talks about which global developments could negatively affect markets.  

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