Investing in 2020: Investment risks and opportunities in the new year

Video with Michael Strobaek: Investment risks and opportunities in 2020

What are the best investment opportunities in 2020? And where are the greatest investment risks? In a video interview, Michael Strobaek, Global CIO at Credit Suisse, offers his outlook for the financial markets for the year 2020.

Investing in 2020: Equities continue to pay off

The 2019 trading year is drawing to a close, marking the end of an extremely successful year for equities. But that doesn't mean that the stock exchanges have exhausted their potential. Michael Strobaek, Global CIO at Credit Suisse, is convinced that equities will perform above average in 2020 as well and recommends portfolios be overweight equities.

However, it's not enough for investors to take advantage of the opportunities on the financial markets. They also need to keep the risks in mind. "The biggest risk lies in not seeing the risk," says Michael Strobaek. Therefore, investors should rely on a diverse and global portfolio. In the video, Michael Strobaek reveals which markets he thinks will have the best investment opportunities.

Video interview with Michael Strobaek, Global CIO at Credit Suisse

In this video, Michael Strobaek offers his forecast for the financial markets and talks about available opportunities when investing in 2020.

Political events can grow into investment risks

Political events can also affect the financial markets. For example, the 2020 US presidential election as well as Brexit have the potential to shake up the markets. No one can precisely predict the direction these events will take, says Michael Strobaek. Learn about the best way investors can manage these risks in the video.

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