vacancy rate for the swiss housing market continues to increase

Real Estate Monitor Switzerland,
Q3 2017 

Vacancy rates in the housing market have been rising for eight consecutive years – and the pace has accelerated lately. The rate is now more than one standard deviation above its average. 

A surfeit of apartments

In historical comparison, housing vacancy rates during the post-war period have only been higher from 1975 to 1977, and from 1996 to 1999. However, vacancies have not yet peaked, and are likely to rise still further. Find out why in our Real Estate Monitor for the third quarter.

Vacancies have not yet peaked, and are likely to rise still further 

We also show you how commercial vacancies are trending and provide you with the most important key ratios in individual market segments. In addition, we present an interesting approach to solving the renovation problem in condominium buildings. It brings investors into the mix as third parties. Provided there is potential capacity in a collectively owned property, this potential can be sold to an investor who finances the construction of additional floors during a general renovation of the building. This is a viable and relatively elegant solution to situations in which renovations are blocked by condominium owners. 

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