The Five Most Popular Articles

The Guide at One Year: The Five Most Popular Articles 

The Credit Suisse guide, which is available online in four languages, has been offering key tips on personal financial planning for about a year. Well over 100 articles have been added to this platform over the months. Below are the top five most widely read articles.

The aim of our guide is to consolidate the company's expertise in financial planning and pension matters in one place and make it publicly available in an easy-to-digest form and at no charge. The financial planning guide provides information and advice on investment and financing questions, occupational and private pensions, retirement, and inheritance – in other words virtually every financial aspect of life. This makes it all the more exciting to analyze where we have best met the information needs of Swiss readers.

Fifth place: an article about five pitfalls

With this article we hope to protect pensioners from problems that can arise in certain situations in connection with an advance withdrawal.

The Five Most Common Pitfalls in the Case of an Advance Withdrawal

Fourth place: early retirement, a common desire

Two out of every three Swiss people would like to retire early. This article provides clarity about the financial consequences of early retirement and the conditions required for a smooth early retirement.

Can I Afford to Retire Early?

Third place: the key question before retirement

As they approach retirement age, no question preoccupies the Swiss more than how to withdraw their pension savings:

Pension or Lump Sum? That Is the Question

Second place: an explanatory video about the advance directive

Only one in ten Swiss people issue an advance directive, although interest in the topic is growing. Our explanatory video – which is in second place – shows how it is possible to live a self-determined life despite losing your decision-making capacity.

How Does an Advance Directive Work?

First place: self-determination, a basic Swiss need

The #1 most frequently read article likewise looks at the advance directive. The new child and adult protection law entered into force in 2013. Four years later, there is clearly still a considerable need for information about the measures that can and should be taken now in order to be able to lead as self-determined a life as possible.

Self-Determination Instead of External Determination: The Advance Directive