Burkhard Varnholt video on the economy and investments in Africa

Will the bull market on the US equity markets hold out, or is an economic downturn to be expected? This month, CIO Switzerland at Credit Suisse Burkhard Varnholt looks at the business cycle of the US economy and discusses sustainable investment in Africa.

The US economy is aiming for a moderate business cycle

So far, 2018 has proven to be an exceptional year of growth for the US economy. After a prolonged bull market, it now stands to reason that the economy will experience a slowdown. Credit Suisse CIO Switzerland Burkhard Varnholt is optimistic. In the video, he explains why moderate economic and profit growth can benefit expansion.

The emerging markets are still attractive as well. Burkhard Varnholt sees potential for investments particularly in Africa. After all "the equatorial belt offers the best conditions for increased agricultural production." As a result, it makes sense for investors to participate by means of sustainable financial investments, Varnholt explains in the second part of the video.

Video interview with Burkhard Varnholt, CIO Switzerland

In the video, Burkhard Varnholt takes a look at the business cycle of the US economy and discusses Africa's development.

Investing sustainably and wisely

Investing sustainably not only helps humanity and the environment. With sustainable investments, investors can achieve yields as high as for traditional investments with less risk. There are several ways for you to invest sustainably. These depend on whether your focus is on environmental or social aspects.

One option is to invest in microfinance. The concept of personal loans allows investors to achieve yields while also supporting people in developing countries and emerging markets who have no other access to the services of a bank. For instance, a microcredit can give a small-scale farmer the financial means to add to their land.