Planning your retirement with the compact planning tool for retirement

Retirement planning. Start your retirement with financial security. 

By planning your retirement early, you can save money and start your retirement securely with well thought-out budget planning. Our planning tool shows you at a glance how your financial needs change and what you need to consider when planning for the post-retirement period. 

Knowing your budget lets you plan your retirement well

How will my financial needs change after retirement? Advancing age brings with it some questions. And rightly so, because the fact is that after reaching retirement age, there is usually less money available than before. That is why it is important to plan the budget for after retirement early on. Budget planning for retirement takes into account how high your expenses will be in retirement. Compared to your expenses before retirement, it is possible to calculate whether the financial resources in retirement are sufficient to maintain your accustomed standard of living and where there is potential for savings.

The financial resources available after retirement generally come from the first pillar (Old Age and Survivors' Insurance), employee benefits insurance (pension fund), and money from the private pension fund (third pillar). It is possible to calculate how long the financial resources will last by comparing them against the estimated living costs.

Financial security after retirement 

Financial security is achieved by keeping an eye on your own pension provision. Important questions on the subject of retirement that you should ask during planning. 

1. Will I get the maximum retirement pension payable under the AHV or do I have contribution gaps? Is there room for optimization?

An extract from the "individual account," which can be requested at any AHV compensation office, provides information about all contributions paid and shows any contribution gaps. Find out more about AHV contribution gaps and how you can close them 

2. Is it worth purchasing pension benefits?

Firstly, purchasing pension benefits can increase retirement assets, and secondly it can reduce the tax burden. However, it also carries financial risks and should therefore be planned well. Read about what you need to consider when purchasing pension benefits. 

3. Would I be better off drawing the assets in the employee benefits insurance as a monthly pension or as a lump sum?

The assets from the employee benefits insurance can be paid out either as a monthly pension or as a single lump sum. A combination of partial lump-sum withdrawal and pension is also possible. The right form will depend on your personal situation and the pension fund regulations, and should be discussed with your financial planner. Discover the best strategy for your retirement. 

4. When and how can I draw money from tied pension provision to optimize my taxes?

Voluntary private pension provision with Pillar 3a is an important financial component of your retirement assets. The right time for withdrawal should be chosen early on. Tax optimizations are also possible in many cantons. Furthermore, if contributions are paid into tied pension provision, these can be deducted from taxable income up to a maximum amount. Find out how you can save with Pillar 3a.  

5. Where and how can I save money after retirement?

You can improve your financial situation even after retirement. It is necessary to clarify, for instance, which taxes you will be charged at retirement age and how these can be reduced, for example, with partial withdrawal of your pension capital. You can also save money with your living arrangements. It may be worth considering a smaller and more practical home in old age. Find out what to take into account when moving after retirement. 

6. Would early retirement or early partial retirement be an option for me?

After reaching the age of 58, it is generally possible to take partial or even early retirement. The extent of resulting pension reductions will depend on the pension fund regulations. Find out when it can be worthwhile for you to take partial retirement or early retirement


How do you comprehensively plan your retirement?

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