Burkhard Varnholt Video on Panic Attacks and a Trade War

What are the big issues facing the markets right now? Every month, Burkhard Varnholt – CIO Switzerland at Credit Suisse – answers pressing questions for investors. In this video, he discusses the nature of panic attacks as well as the looming trade war between the US and China.

Financial markets were shaken by three panic attacks in the first quarter – although there's nothing unusual about that: "Markets can't rise unless there's the occasional storm," says Burkhard Varnholt in the video interview.

Trade tensions between the US and China are one of the reasons for the current storm. Watch the video to find out why this storm will subside, and also about what strategy investors should adopt in these situations.

Video Interview with Burkhard Varnholt, CIO Swiss Universal Bank

Burkhard Varnholt discusses pressing market issues and gives investors advice on what strategy to adopt.

It's important for investors to have an investment strategy in order to reduce their exposure to market turbulence. This enables them to optimize their risk/return profile, depending on the time horizon of the investment.

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