Video with Michael Strobaek: Continued positive environment for equities

After a strong rally, equity markets experienced a setback in early May. Michael Strobaek, Global CIO of Credit Suisse, talks in the video about the appropriate investment strategy and explains that investors can generate higher returns over the long term with Supertrends. 

Equities remain attractive despite trade tensions

The escalation of the trade conflict between the US and China led to increased volatility in May – and corrections on equity markets. Nevertheless, Michael Strobaek, Global CIO of Credit Suisse, is convinced that growth will remain solid. "Equities are still the best asset category," he notes.

Strobaek explains in the video which stocks will be sensitive to short-term uncertainty in financial markets and where stable performance can be expected. 

Video interview with Michael Strobaek, Global CIO of Credit Suisse

Michael Strobaek explains in the video why equities remain attractive and how long-term Supertrends improve the return-risk profile. 

Generate higher returns from investing in Supertrends 

Two years ago, Credit Suisse launched its promising Supertrends: five investment themes which allow investors to benefit from long-term social trends. At the heart of Supertrends are demographic, socio-economic, and political developments, as well as technological and scientific advancements.

"We are still very satisfied," says Strobaek. In the video, he explains why investments in the Supertrends generate higher returns and how investors with can improve their risk-return profile with long-term investment themes.