Think big, think China: Insights from the World’s Most Dominant Economy
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Think big, think China: Insights from the World’s Most Dominant Economy

China is the definition of dynamism, all signs are pointing toward growth. The latest edition of Scope highlights how international investors can benefit through different available strategies suited to various risk/reward profiles.

The new edition of Scope features articles on the following subjects:

Steep Learning Curve

How China Is on Its Way to the Top of the World

After the US, China is already the world’s second biggest economy. China’s gross domestic product (GDP) climbed by 6.9% in 2017. Above-average growth is also forecast for the coming years thanks to more research, more innovation, and greater efficiency.

Best of China

Investment Solutions

Farsighted investors jumped on the bandwagon long ago. Others are still reluctant to hop on. Investments in China – a theme every investor should start thinking about. Investors aiming for portfolio diversification in keeping with the times cannot afford to ignore the world’s second largest equity market and third largest bond market.

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Chinese Real Estate Investors Are Reshaping Their Preferences

Real estate has become an increasingly important part of the asset allocation of both (U)HNWI and international investors over the past decade. While cross-border capital in real estate markets has historically been predominantly of US and European origin, this pattern has shifted since the Great Financial Crisis.

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