Innovative concepts for real estate marketing

Technological progress and social change create new requirements for residential and office spaces. To fulfill these requirements, the marketing and managing of real estate properties needs innovative concepts and new ideas.

In northern Bülach, right next to the train station, is the former Bülachguss site. The industrial buildings have evolved into modern residential properties, and Credit Suisse Asset Management's Global Real Estate team is taking new approaches when it comes to marketing them, supported by proptech companies, that operate in augmented/virtual reality or robotics.

Take a tour of the neighborhood with a roller coaster

Until May 2019, prospective renters and buyers could use a digital booking tool to easily reserve their visit to the showroom, where a viewing experience awaited them, unique in Switzerland: The prospective renters and buyers take a seat in a hydraulically controlled roller coaster car and go on a virtual ride through the complex, seeing various types of apartments. If this is too jarring for you, you can use just the virtual reality goggles to look at four fully-furnished apartments and get an idea of your potential home.

Look to the left and to the right. Prospective renters get a good look at the beautiful architecture of the homes, carefully designed green spaces, and colorful playgrounds. After a final, quick curve, the image comes to a stop. Removing the virtual reality headset and stepping out of the roller coaster brings prospective renters back to the reality of the showroom.

Real-time home viewings with SAM the robot

SAM is a 1.55-meter tall, non-humanoid robot. It perceives its environment through a high-resolution camera and microphone. Until September 2019, those interested in the property could simply maneuver SAM through two apartments from their computers at home pretty much around the clock. Whether alone or in the company of friends and family, such viewings with SAM work perfectly well. SAM also makes it possible to give and receive guided tours with an employee of the property agency via video chat.

Influencer marketing

In order to appeal to a wide range of people when marketing the apartments, Credit Suisse Asset Management's Global Real Estate team also focused on social media and influencer marketing. By involving two lifestyle influencers known throughout Switzerland, Global Real Estate was able to broaden its exposure in the target groups significantly.

Dates for new projects

If you have found your dream home, you can apply online. Submitting the application automatically reserves the apartment you desire. This practical lease management also enables various opportunities for analysis. Based on the results, it is possible to promptly react and for example, adapt the marketing mix to the relevant target group. Moreover, the findings influence future projects. The digitalization of leasing and marketing reduces management costs and time. However, it also allows for more direct communication with potential clients and enhances the client experience.


Virtual Reallity

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated reality with 3-D images and sound. VR headsets allow the wearer to be immersed in a virtual world and to interact with it one's own movements. The real estate sector is finding more and more applications of VR for the marketing of properties. With a VR headset, it's possible to give an interested party a realistic impression of a rental or purchase property.

Augumented Reallity

AR stands for augmented reality. The technology behind augmented reality brings digital data to the physical environment to bring the user experience to a new level. AR projects new information or virtual aspects onto the real world. AR glasses are required to see the computer-generated digital projections. Augmented reality has diverse applications for companies in the real estate sector, for example for marketing or during the construction phase. Instead of documents and photos, AR with 3-D models allows interested parties a more interactive experience and a deeper understanding of a property.

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