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High-performance, roof-based solar system

Global Real Estate pursues a comprehensive sustainability approach toward its properties. It's a strategy that reflects growing environmental awareness among the public and industry in relation to all types of real estate – including logistics properties.

Due to the structure and size, the roof surface of a logistics center is the perfect place to install high-performance photovoltaic systems. For instance, the roof of the Derendingen logistics center near Solothurn – the largest property in the CS REF Logistics Plus portfolio – has housed 4,840 solar panel modules, each of 1.61 m2, since October 2017. At a total area of 7,800 m2, this is slightly larger than a soccer pitch. The photovoltaic system generates an annual output of 1,210,100 kWh, which is fed straight into the property's own energy consumption and is equivalent to the annual consumption of 270 four-person households in Switzerland.

With all new construction projects, the logistics fund seeks to obtain certification in accordance with the sustainable building standards of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). In fact, the logistics center in Derendingen was the first property in the fund's portfolio to be awarded the DGNB's gold certificate. It is hoped that the proposed new building in Bülach, which is due for completion in 2020, will also earn a gold DGNB certificate.