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Health & Wealth: Who wants to live forever?

We now have the means to combat soaring healthcare costs. Thanks to Digital Health, a number of solutions are coming onto the market - solutions that might also be of interest to investors. Healthcare Real Estate in Europe and the latest developments in the Silver Economy likewise merit consideration from an investor perspective.

The new edition of Scope features articles on the following subjects:

Digital Health

Technologies with Broad-spectrum Efficacy

The tremendous surge in healthcare costs urgently calls for counteractive innovation. The digitalization of healthcare offers a promisingly effective approach. It opens up attractive prospects for investors with long-term horizons.

Insurance Linked Strategies

Insurance Risks as Investment Opportunities

The problem is old hat by now: low interest rates, low returns and accentuated correlation among traditional and in some cases also alternative asset classes. Insurance Linked Strategies offer a possible way out. Their returns are based on insurance events and are thus independent of financial markets. Life insurance risks in particular merit a closer examination.

Demographic Tailwind

European Healthcare Properties

In Europe the number of people aged 65+ is projected to grow by 40 million by 2030, a trend that will also impact the real estate sector. Demand for healthcare properties in particular is on the rise.

Meeting Your Objectives by Planning Well

Individual Retirement Savings in Switzerland

Swiss citizens of working age can expect the retirement age to be raised. At the same time, the pension promises from the first and second pillars of social welfare insurance will likely fall. Those affected should view these foreseeable developments as an opportunity to take a detailed look at their retirement goals and suitable investment strategies as soon as possible.

Efficient Currency Management

More Important Than Ever

Currency trading and the requirements in terms of currency hedging have been undergoing structural changes for a number of years now. Efficient, reliable and regulatory-compliant solutions are needed.