Gleis 0 in Aarau. Living and working sustainably.
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Gleis 0 in Aarau. Living and working sustainably.

Gleis 0 (literally "Track 0") in Aarau is a construction project that more than meets the fund's exacting ecological, social and economic criteria.

Aarau is in vogue. Because house hunters, companies, and commercial businesses have long been deliberately opting for locations away from urban centers such as Basel or Zurich. Thanks to optimal urban development, excellent connections to the whole of Switzerland, and a wide range of leisure facilities, medium-sized towns also offer outstanding locational quality. Aarau is one of them.

A life with the best connections

The long, spacious building is the structural continuation of Aarau train station and complements the existing architecture perfectly. It runs parallel to Bahnhofstrasse and the railway tracks. This location itself is the outcome of earlier considerations about sustainability. Because the requirements of a Green Property development include optimal infrastructure with connections to public transportation. Compliance with the Minergie standards and the criteria for the greenproperty quality seal presuppose a long planning phase before the start of construction.

The name says it all: The property Gleis 0 at Aarau train station is very centrally located and offers modern working...

Because the project, which was ready for construction, was taken over and developed further by CS REF Green Property at the end of 2014, it was possible to ensure early in the process that the building would be developed along sustainable lines. At the start of 2016, the building permit became legally valid and construction could start, taking into account the strict requirements in terms of utilization, infrastructure, energy consumption, the use of materials, and life cycle.

People are drawn to places where their needs are met. To a considerable extent, we help to shape where that is.

Urs Frey, fund manager of CS REF Green Property

At Gleis 0, 91 apartments were to be built covering an area of around 6,000 m2. An area of at least the same size was earmarked for commercial use, and warehouse space. The architects at Theo Hotz in Zurich were responsible for the design. Mettler2Invest AG in St. Gallen acted as a full-service company. The first tenants moved into their apartments back in July 2018, and others followed quickly.

...and living spaces with landscaped courtyards.

This is how comfortable sustainability can be

The attractive apartments, which meet the Minergie and greenproperty standards, are located on the third to sixth floors of the building. There are 17 one-room apartments, 32 two-room apartments, 38 three-room apartments, and four four-room apartments that appeal to single people, couples and families alike. On the top two floors, some of the properties are attractive maisonette apartments with generous roof terraces. There are also a good 260 parking spaces. All the apartments have already been rented out, and there are good reasons for this.

Ecological, economical, and social

Gleis 0 impresses people with its excellent location and environmentally friendly infrastructure, which earns it many greenproperty points. Added to this is its lower energy consumption. The local amenities are also outstanding; for example, the Migros Aare cooperative society opened a supermarket and take-away outlet at the beginning of November 2018, as well as a fitness center.

Four green open-air courtyards create quality outdoor spaces and support the ecological aspect of the building's use. Glass membranes provide noise protection and allow people to live and work undisturbed and with outstanding air quality. The excellent childcare facilities in the immediate vicinity support the social sustainability criteria, as do the short and secure walking distances to schools and kindergartens.

Building a green future

The fact that the Gleis 0 apartments have been successfully rented out comes as no surprise. Nor does the success of CS REF Green Property, with a market value across all properties of CHF 2.5 billion, because it mainly comprises properties that bear the greenproperty quality seal. All of them make the fund in all its diversity into a future-oriented and promising investment option in the real estate area as a whole. With hindsight it's clear that the forward-looking outlook when it was founded ten years ago has paid off: for tenants, the environment, and all the investors who put their trust in this investment strategy.

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