Investment Banking

Focusing on client-driven and capital-efficient businesses.

Investment Banking provides a broad range of financial products and services, focusing on client-driven and high-return businesses. They include global securities sales, trading and execution, prime brokerage and capital raising and advisory services, as well as comprehensive research. Our clients include corporations, governments, institutions and private individuals around the world.

Strategic net revenue details (in CHF billion) 

Investment Banking

Key Figures Investment Banking

  • 19,400 employees1
  • 50% reduction in Basel III risk-weighted assets in USD since mid-2011
  • 3,744 million strategic income before taxes in CHF

1) Full-time equivalents, including Shared Services employees who work for Investment Banking.

In the Investment Banking division, we remain committed to offering our clients a broad spectrum of equities, fixed income, and investment banking advisory products and services. We have made further progress on our key priorities, including: allocating resources to our market-leading and capital-efficient businesses where we expect to generate strong returns on regulatory capital; increasing profitability and reducing capital usage in our repositioned macro business; optimizing delivery and product set across Investment Banking to drive growth in Private Banking & Wealth Management; offsetting higher regulatory costs with continued cost efficiency measures; and winding down our non-strategic unit’s Basel III risk-weighted assets and leverage exposure to reduce the negative impact on both pre-tax income and return on regulatory capital..

Investment Banking

Equity and Debt Underwriting

Equity capital markets originates, syndicates and underwrites equity in IPOs, common and convertible stock issues, acquisition financing and other equity issues. Debt capital markets originates, syndicates and underwrites corporate and sovereign debt.

Advisory Services

Advisory services advises clients on all aspects of M&A, corporate sales and restructurings, divestitures and takeover defense strategies. The fund-linked products group is responsible for the structuring, risk management and distribution of structured mutual fund and alternative investment products and develops innovative products to meet the needs of its clients through specially tailored solutions.

Global Securities

Global securities provides access to a wide range of debt and equity securities, derivative products and financing opportunities across the capital spectrum to corporate, sovereign and institutional clients. Global securities is structured into the following areas.

  • Fixed income
  • Equity
  • Systematic market-making group
  • Other

Research and HOLT

Our equity and fixed income businesses are enhanced by the research and HOLT functions. HOLT offers a framework for objectively assessing the performance of 20,000 companies in over 60 countries, with interactive tools and consulting services that clients use to make informed investment decisions. Equity and fixed income research uses in-depth analytical frameworks, proprietary methodologies and data sources to analyze approximately 3,000 companies worldwide and provide macroeconomic insights into this constantly changing environment.

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James L. Amine

James L. Amine

Head Investment Banking – Investment Banking Department

Gaël de Boissard

Gaël de Boissard
Head Investment Banking
Chief Executive Officer - Region EMEA

Timothy P. O'Hara

Timothy P. O'Hara

Head Investment Banking – Equities