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  1. Unemployment in the Credit Suisse Worry Barometer

    Unemployment in the Credit Suisse Worry Barometer

    In September, the publication "Swiss Compass – A Look at Our Political Future through the Credit Suisse Worry Barometer" focuses on the issue of unemployment. In two articles Jean Christophe Schwaab and Valentin Vogt examine the reason for this longtime primary worry among Swiss voters.

  2. Achieving Sustainable Development

    Achieving Sustainable Development

    In September, 193 nations will adopt the Sustainable Development Goals – an opportunity and a complex undertaking. Discussions about what this means for businesses were held at the Lifefair Forum. 

  3. Bödmeren Primeval Forest Reserve: A Wilderness Trail

    On the border between Schwyz and Glarus stands the Bödmeren Primeval Forest – a hiking trail, funded by the Credit Suisse ACCENTUS umbrella foundation, providing public access to a natural wonder.

  4. Training in Progress

    The Nonprofit Board Training Program at Credit Suisse helps high-level employees – and valued clients – to master the art of nonprofit board service. Why this is a true win-win-situation for all parties.

  5. Africa: Young Continent, Great Opportunities

    Achim Steiner, head of the United Nations Environment Program, speaks about the potential of a young continent's economy and sees a positive trend in energy policy in Africa.

  6. First Credit Suisse Volunteering Award 

    In the spring of 2015, for the first time since the launch of the corporate volunteering program, the Volunteering Award was presented. One of the five winners is Daniel Weiss. He works as a financial planner in Private & Wealth Management Clients Switzerland and for almost three years has been a volunteer at the "In Our Midst" language learning group of the Swiss Red Cross in Zurich-Oerlikon for young foreign nationals.  

  7. An Innovative Approach to Waste 

    Global concerns regarding water shortages and toxic drinking water have risen to critical levels in the last decade. With the aid of remarkable new technologies that treat wastewater, the fear of the world's most important resource rapidly diminishing can begin to subside. There are options. 

  8. Carol Franklin: Talking Teak

    The Chairwoman of the Board of Forests for Friends and of the Tree Partner Company speaks about investments in teak, ecological concerns and the country of Panama.

  9. Commodity Trading – A Matter of Responsibility

    The commodity sector is controversial in Switzerland. Human rights violations, environmental damage, and corruption are some allegations faced by the industry. The call for a more sustainable approach is, however, also a matter of responsibility. This was the focus of the 19th Lifefair Forum in Zurich. 

  10. The Future of the "Blue Economy"

    John Tobin, Global Head of Sustainability, speaks about the need for a different approach to using the resources of the world's oceans.