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We believe that our ability to serve clients globally with solutions tailored to their needs gives us a strong advantage in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive marketplace.

We operate as an integrated bank, combining our strengths and expertise in our two global divisions, Private Banking & Wealth Management and Investment Banking, to offer our clients advisory services and customized products. Our divisions are supported by our Shared Services functions, which provide corporate services and business solutions while ensuring a strong compliance culture.

Private Banking & Wealth Management

Private Banking & Wealth Management offers comprehensive advice and a wide range of financial solutions to private, corporate and institutional clients. We offer our clients a distinct value proposition, combining global reach with a structured advisory process and access to a broad range of comprehensive products and services.

Private Banking

Strategic Assets under Management (in CHF billion)

as of end-2014

Our Private Banking & Wealth Management division is comprised of our Wealth Management Clients, Corporate & Institutional Clients and Asset Management businesses. In our Wealth Management Clients business, we continued to make progress towards our goal of becoming the leading private bank for ultra-high-net-worth (UHNWI) and high-net-worth individual (HNWI) clients globally while efficiently growing our affluent and retail business in our Swiss home market. We further optimized our market footprint by making focused investments in fast-growing emerging markets, capturing growth in select profitable onshore markets and exiting smaller markets. In our Corporate & Institutional Clients business, we maintained and selectively improved our leading position in Switzerland within our aspiration to position ourselves as the “Bank for Entrepreneurs” for our corporate and institutional clients. Internationally, we reinforced our growth strategy by strengthening our presence in the Asia Pacific region, while reducing non-core and capital-intensive business activities, in line with the Group’s objective to further improve capital ratios while investing in profitable growth and increasing efficiency. In our Asset Management business, we made significant progress in our strategy and refocused the business around a boutique model.

Key Figures – Private Banking & Wealth Management (as of end-2014)




billion net new assets in CHF


million strategic income before taxes in CHF

Our Wealth Management Clients business is one of the largest in the international wealth management industry, serving over two million clients, including UHNWI and HNWI clients around the globe in addition to affluent and retail clients in Switzerland. We offer our clients a distinct value proposition, combining global reach with a structured advisory process and access to a broad range of comprehensive products and services. Our global network includes 3,730 relationship managers in 41 countries with close to 300 offices and 21 booking centers. As of the end of 2014, our Wealth Management Clients business had assets under management of CHF 874.5 billion. 

Our Corporate & Institutional Clients business offers expert advice and high-quality services to a wide range of clients, serving the needs of over 100,000 corporations and institutions, mainly in Switzerland, including large corporate clients, small and medium size enterprises (SME), institutional clients, financial institutions, shipping companies and commodity traders. Around 1,800 employees, including 530 relationship managers, serve our clients out of 52 locations. While the Swiss home market remains our main focus, we also continue to build out our capabilities in international growth markets with dedicated teams in Luxembourg, Singapore and Hong Kong. As of the end of 2014, our Corporate & Institutional Clients business reported CHF 376.2 billion of client assets and CHF 68.6 billion of net loans.

Our Asset Management business offers investment solutions and services globally to a wide range of clients, including pension funds, governments, foundations and endowments, corporations and individuals. Our capabilities span across a diversified range of asset classes with a focus on alternative, traditional and multiasset portfolios, in many areas with a broad offering for emerging markets-related investment opportunities. Our Asset Management business had CHF 388.5 billion of assets under management as of the end of 2014.

Investment Banking

Investment Banking provides a broad range of financial products and services, focusing on client-driven and high-return businesses. They include global securities sales, trading and execution, prime brokerage and capital raising and advisory services, as well as comprehensive research. Our clients include corporations, governments, institutions and private individuals around the world.

Investment Banking

Strategic net revenue details (in CHF billion)

as of end-2014

In the Investment Banking division, we remain committed to offering our clients a broad spectrum of equities, fixed income, and investment banking advisory products and services. We have made further progress on our key priorities, including: allocating resources to our market-leading and capital-efficient businesses where we expect to generate strong returns on regulatory capital; increasing profitability and reducing capital usage in our repositioned macro business; optimizing delivery and product set across Investment Banking to drive growth in Private Banking & Wealth Management; offsetting higher regulatory costs with continued cost efficiency measures; and winding down our non-strategic unit’s Basel III risk-weighted assets and leverage exposure to reduce the negative impact on both pre-tax income and return on regulatory capital..

Key Figures – Investment Banking (as of end-2014)




reduction in Basel III risk-weighted assets in USD since mid-2011


milion strategic income before taxes in CHF

Equity and debt underwriting: Equity capital markets originates, syndicates and underwrites equity in IPOs, common and convertible stock issues, acquisition financing and other equity issues. Debt capital markets originates, syndicates and underwrites corporate and sovereign debt.

Advisory services advises clients on all aspects of M&A, corporate sales and restructurings, divestitures and takeover defense strategies. The fund-linked products group is responsible for the structuring, risk management and distribution of structured mutual fund and alternative investment products and develops innovative products to meet the needs of its clients through specially tailored solutions.

Global securities provides access to a wide range of debt and equity securities, derivative products and financing opportunities across the capital spectrum to corporate, sovereign and institutional clients. Global securities is structured into the following areas:

  • Fixed income
  • Equity
  • Systemic market-making group
  • Other

Research and HOLT: Credit Suisse’s equity and fixed income businesses are enhanced by the research and HOLT functions. HOLT offers a framework for objectively assessing the performance of 20,00 companies in over 60 countries, with interactive tools and consulting services that clients use to make informed investment decisions.

Equity and fixed income research uses in-depth analytical frameworks, proprietary methodologies and data sources to analyze approximately 3,000 companies worldwide and provide macroeconomic insights into this constantly changing environment.

Shared Services

Shared Services provides centralized corporate services and business support for our two business divisions – Private Banking & Wealth Management and Investment Banking – as well as effective and independent control procedures. Shared Services also includes corporate functions, such as One Bank Collaboration, Public Policy and Corporate Communications.

Finance, Operations and IT: The Chief Financial Officer area covers many diverse functions, including Corporate Development, Information Technology, Corporate Real Estate & Services, Group Insurance, Efficiency Management, New Business, Global Operations, Product Control, Tax and Treasury and Group Finance, including Financial Accounting and Investor Relations.

The Legal and Compliance area provides support to help protect the reputation of Credit Suisse. It does so by giving legal and regulatory advice and providing employees with the tools and expertise to comply with applicable internal policies as well as external laws, rules and regulations.

Risk: The Chief Risk Officer area comprises market, credit, operational and fiduciary risk management, enterprise risk management and risk & finance data analytics and reporting, which cooperate closely to maintain a strict risk control environment and to help ensure that our risk capital is deployed wisely.

The Talent, Branding and Centers of Excellence area comprises human resources, corporate branding and advertising and our Centers of Excellence (CoE). Human Resources strives to attract, retain and develop staff, while also creating a stimulating working environment for all employees. Branding works closely with the business to manage our brand as a common touchstone, a differentiator in a competitive market and a motivator of behavior and our promise to clients. Our Centers of Excellence (CoE) support our global operations in process optimization by providing services and best practices away from the on-shore locations and are an essential component in the implementation of our strategy.